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iZLER, Composer, ABC’s REVENGE

“I love Jennifer’s work. In a scoring session you never know she’s there, and then these wonderful shots come back. It’s fantastic.”


Debra Rogers, Author, Writer, Writing Coach

“Jennifer’s phenomenal eye, her gentle presence and her shining creativity all combine to produce incredible pictures. She really captured my essence and I loved how she designed the shots. I’ve worked with her twice now and each time was a terrific experience. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”


Melissa Renzi, Artist, Said The Butterfly

“My shoot with Jenn didn’t even feel like a photo shoot. It was so much more. It felt like this passionate believer in me and my brand had arrived to capture me in my best element and then share that light with the world.

Jenn was inspired, energized and downright fun. We laughed, we talked and I shared stories of my artwork, treasures and collections. All the while, Jenn was shooting away. Jenn was so interested in my stories that I felt like we both got lost in the moment. This led to me being so relaxed that next thing you know hours had gone by and hundreds of shots had been taken. Everything seemed effortless.

Seeing the photos, I felt like everything I cared about and believed in was shining through those photos. I can genuinely say I love the portraits of me because I look so calm, so natural, so very me. One of my favorite photos is of me surrounded by my work. We tried several different approaches of this shot until we landed on this one. I laid on the floor laughing hysterically while she perched up above smiling ear to ear to capture it all. Jenn showed me the image on her camera and instantly I told her she had captured the joy and spirit of Said The Butterfly.

I am so excited to get these photos up on I am now more inspired than ever before to share Said The Butterfly with the world. Thanks to this fabulous shoot with Jenn, I feel like I have the photos to help me make that happen and it means so much to me.”

Cindy Yantis, Writer, owner and curator of the Thought Changer Blog  

“Jennifer created a safe loving space in which I could soar!  We set some intentions ahead of time in terms of what my particular business and personal goals are and then Jenn used those as touchstones throughout our shoot. So, each look was inspired by a fresh motivation.  Her spirit, enthusiasm and encouragement were contagious and I felt completely at ease.  I’ve had numerous photo shoots during my career and I’ve not felt so at ease and present as I did with Jenn.  I had a blast and would LOVE to do it again!”

Kelly Jean Clair, Actress, Kelly’s Website

“What’s it like to work with Jennifer Kelley Lubin you may ask? Well, I will tell you – being a professional actress for (well, I won’t say how long, but let’s just say for more than ½ my life) I have worked with many a professional photographer and Jennifer’s infectious enthusiasm, artistic eye and just all-around FUN is unsurpassed! You immediately feel at ease – there is absolutely no stress – seriously – when the shoot is over you will be very sad because not only will you have you had a blast but you don’t want to leave the safety and comfort of the world of your new found friend.

Do not hesitate – RUN to Jennifer Kelley Lubin for your photos – she will welcome you with loving open arms – you’ll be glad you did!”

Tonia Gould, Owner of Tag!

”My experience with Jennifer Kelley Lublin at JennKL Photography was nothing short of perfect.  From the moment I walked through her door, I was immediately struck by the warmth and ambiance of her creative space.   Once I met Jennifer; my qualms about getting my picture taken were immediately put to rest.  She gets you to open-up while making you feel comfortable enough to forget that you’re being photographed.  Later, I discovered that while I was talking about things I was passionate about with her, that was when she was doing her best work.  Jennifer is the consummate professional and, down to every detail, she captures the best part of “you” in her photographs. I highly recommend Jennifer as your personal, professional photographer.”

Sara Robey, Makeup Artist

“My portrait session with Jenn was honestly one of the most positive and revelatory experiences I’ve ever had – I confess that I have always hated photographs of myself and having my photograph taken, and felt dreadfully self conscious about it. I’m critical and have never been able to look at any picture of me and truly love it, but this session changed everything. I’m so grateful for the insight, and the gorgeous pictures that Jennifer took.

Before she took any shots, Jenn asked me about my dislike of photos of myself and we talked it out very openly. That surprised me because I’ve never really discussed it with anyone, but she managed to pinpoint causes and ways to get over it. The session itself was incredibly fun and I wasn’t nervous of self conscious at all. When I saw the proofs, I was able to see myself through Jenn’s lens and it may sound silly to some people but I teared up. They were beautiful. Those photos were an important step in seeing myself as pretty again, and every time I look at them, I’m thankful that I did it.

I’m a makeup artist, so I’m no stranger to photographers but Jenn has a rare and unique talent.”

Talya Carroll, Actress

“Wow, I just looked at the photos and they are amazing!!  Jenn, you managed to capture so many different sides of me and in such a beautiful way.  You were such a pleasure to work with and made me feel so comfortable so I could really just be myself.  It was such a fun  experience and I have beautiful shots to take away from it.  Really was a win win situation!  Thank you and I look forward to shooting with you again.”

Jennifer Cain, Actress

“Jennifer really knows how to make you relax and have fun so the real you comes through in your photos. Her work is inspired!”

Heather Dietz, Sustainability Consultant, London

“Jennifer is one of the most talented photographers I’ve met. She has a wonderful knack for getting you comfortable right away, and the resulting photographs show incredible depth of character. She is such fun to be around that the shoot goes by in a flash, and at the end of the experience, you are left with so many amazing images to choose from. Really hope to work with her again very soon!”

Jen Anderson, Comedian

“The Best photographer I’ve ever worked with. Had a wonderful experience. She really gets to the core of your personality. It was so much fun and the pictures came out fantastic!!!! Can’t wait to work with Jen again!!!!”

Bob Gustafson, Producer

“I can’t say enough about Jenn as a person, her skills as a photographer , and my portrait session. What I enjoyed most about my few hours with her, was how fun it was. Jenn is funny, charming and really gets you to open up and show your true self. I’ve not only had my own portraits taken, but I’ve hired her as a photographer on my TV shoots. Easiest decision I’ve made. Still undecided? Go meet her and look at her work. Thanks Jenn!”

Dr. Beth Hagenlocker, Owner, The Cat Practice

“I am the owner of a new veterinary clinic for cats, and our website has been a great asset in building our business. Photographs of staff and the clinic have been such an important part of introducing us to new clients, and making them feel comfortable choosing us for their pet’s veterinary care. Jennifer played a big role in that – creating a professional and welcoming image of our practice.

The end result speaks for itself –We have great, natural photographs!”

Jennifer’s friendly and fun style helped our most camera-shy staff members feel at ease in front of the camera. She offered several options for settings and backdrops that helped our staff participate in the process.”

Judge Darren K. Jackson, Lafayette County Judge, Florida Lafayette County Courthouse

“Before my session with Jennifer  I was apprehensive about having my picture taken. Due to my nature I tend to be modest and was hesitant to have my picture taken because I did not want a “Glamour Shot”.

Jennifer has a wonderful eye and I was very pleased with her photos so much so that I had great difficulty choosing among the proofs.  My old photo was standard and dull with no character. Thanks to Jennifer my new portrait is anything but dull and in my opinion has much character.

To my pleasure the shoot was fun and enjoyable and I was at ease with Jennifer.  She came to my work without any preconceived vision of what she thought I wanted in a picture and allowed me to interact in my day to day surroundings for the shoot.”

Jennifer Robinson, Owner, Weddings by Jennifer Robinson

“I was very pleased with the work Jennifer completed.  I felt as though she captured me when I was most natural, and provided wonderful quality images that were perfect for business use.

Jennifer made me feel very comfortable in our session, it only took a few simple snaps to produce a great photo perfect for the intended purpose. I am very satisfied with my business portraits and would absolutely ask Jennifer to take them again in the future.”


Scott Grieger, Professor, The OTIS College of Art and Design

“Before shooting with Jennifer I felt mostly uncomfortable and not at ease with having my picture taken. Jennifer did a great job, she went with the “flow” and was very understanding and worked within my job situation almost invisibly. My old business portraits were awful.  My new portraits from Jennifer look very good. They are upbeat, sensitive and professional and will be cherished memories.”

JennKL Photography



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