Portrait Photographer

I specialize in portraits for business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with world-renowned, award-winning composers, authors, chefs, teachers, bloggers, actors, judges, real estate professionals, doctors and celebrities. My work has been featured on television, in various print publications and on many websites. To name a few…HGTV, C Magazine, ABC, Billboard Magazine, Variety, Condé Nast, LA Weekly, Food & Wine, CBS, Examiner, BMI, The OC Register Metro, Food Republic, LA Confidential Magazine. My experience guarantees that you will have a fun, easy, comfortable and successful photo shoot.

Maybe you need a fantastic author portrait for your new book. Or you need some great pictures to market your upcoming featured speaking engagements. Have a magazine interested in running an article about you? I would love to work with you to create portraits that will help tell your story, the perfect addition to your bio when you win awards for being the leader in your industry. Your website and blog will come alive and your marketing efforts will stand out even more.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you tell your story.


My mission is to inspire by shining a light on people through art


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